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Absolute Garage Door has the garage door opener you’re looking for!! We currently stock Liftmaster Garage Door Openers for both residential and commercial properties which enables us to repair or install your garage door opener 24/7.  Our company has been serving customers in the greater Puget Sound Region since 2012 years with customer satisfaction being our top priority. The security and convenience of these openers offer security, safety and convenience on one of the most important doors used on your home.  Our technicians at Absolute Garage door are highly trained in both repairs and new installs on any type of garage door opener.

Garage Door Openers

Liftmaster 8365Liftmaster 8365-267

This ½ powered HP AC chain driven garage door opener is a garage door opener that not only provides rugged reliability and exceptional all-around performance, it is also a great choice if you want enhanced efficiency, style and reliability.

This opener comes with a lifetime warranty.  This opener includes 2 remotes and an outdoor keypad.

Liftmaster 8355Liftmaster 8355W

This is a ½ HP Premium Belt Driven Garage Door Opener which provides you with belt drive reliable, energy efficient performance year after year. This fantastic motor is both quiet and extremely reliable, also offering a lifetime warranty as all our liftmaster garage door openers do.

This is a great choice for a garage that is close to a bedroom or family room due to how quietly it operates.

Liftmaster 8500

This opener runs extremely quiet by eliminating sounds and vibrations but is mounted to the side of your garage vs. the top which enables you to utilize additional space and storage, which is ideal for obstructed or cathedral ceilings.  The Wi Fi technology enables you to control the garage door opener from your smartphone reassuringly and simple. This is called, MyQ® Technology.

This motor is not only durable, but extremely efficient.  This opener is perfect for a home that has a room above or next to your garage.

Liftmaster 8550W-267

This ¾ HP Liftmasters Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener also comes with a belt drive which ensures an ultra-quiet motor.  This motor is also equipped with, MyQ® Technology.  This motor is equipped with a battery backup lasting up to two weeks in case of a power outage to ensure your garage door will open and close at all times.

This opener includes 2 remotes and an outdoor keypad.

Garage Door Opener Safety Features

Absolute Garage Door stocks the above openers which offer all technology, safety and security options.  All doors are equipped with safety sensors which provide projected infrared light beam across garage door opening which prevents the door closing when it comes into contact with anything such as a moving car, person or child.  What you get is safety built in with all these openers is a secure and sound option for your garage door opener needs.  In addition, these openers will automatically lock your garage door with quality that you can depend on.

Not only do we only offer these door openers, we also will install and repair any garage door opener of your choice whether it be from the above list or another brand.